“I’ve been charged with a motoring offence and stand to lose my licence, which will badly affect not only me and my job, but my entire family. How do I keep my licence?”

It’s the question on which ‘How To Keep My Licence’, was established.

We are a team of road traffic lawyers who specialise in defending clients facing charges for motoring offences, we have a successful track record in contesting cases, limiting penalties and in extreme circumstances avoiding custodial sentences.

Whatever motoring offence you are charged with, we will provide you with non-judgemental, sensitive and expert advice in a down to earth manner, clearly outlining your options, how we can support your defence, and our costs so you know exactly where you stand.

And whilst we can’t turn back the clock – sometimes you just have to accept you are guilty! – we can call on the strength of our expert knowledge and experience to ease the impact of the penalty you receive and ultimately, to help you keep your driving licence.

So if you’re currently faced with the question of how to keep your driving licence and need advice or help in defending your case in court, get in touch and discuss your case with one of our expert road traffic lawyers.

It”s the first step towards keeping your licence.

‘How To Keep My Licence’ is part of the long established and respected Donald Race and Newton law practice, and delivers the same values, expert advice and commitment to providing the best client service.

Call 01282 433 241 or email info@howtokeepmylicence.co.ukemail us