Special reasons for not disqualifying

Disqualification from driving is the mandatory penalty option for a range of motoring offences, from drink driving to totting-up of points. So a guilty verdict means you automatically lose your licence.

However, it is possible to submit that there were special reasons surrounding the circumstances of your offence which may be considered by the court and which could allow you to keep your licence.

Special reasons relate to the actual offence and not to personal circumstances. Spiked drinks or an emergency situation would be a consideration; loss of job and personal hardship would not.

The burden of proof falls squarely on you to prove that special reasons is a justified mitigation, so the success of such a plea depends on the quality of the presentation to the court. Something which really does require the involvement of a specialist road traffic lawyer if you are to have a realistic chance of keeping your licence.

If you believe that there are special reasons why you should not be disqualified from driving even though you accept you are guilty of a motoring offence, speak to one of our road traffic lawyers who will look at your case, advise you on your chances of a successful plea and provide expert representation when the time comes.

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