Careless Driving

A charge of careless driving will usually be made against a driver whose driving is seen to be less than competent or who has failed to consider other road users, drivers and pedestrians, whilst driving. This offence is also known as driving without due care and attention.

The penalty for careless driving is typically 3 to 9 points. If the points awarded take you above 12 in total, then yes, you will lose your licence under the totting up procedure.

However, the courts might be willing to allow you to retain your licence provided you can show that it would lead to exceptional hardship. This could include the loss of your employment and the disastrous effect this would have on your livelihood and family.

Careless driving offences cover a wide range of actions, from lighting a cigarette to eating and drinking whilst driving and as such, rely on credible evidence of an offence; a driver who disputes the charge can contest the evidence in court.

A successful court appearance will depend on the driver’s ability to counter the evidence of the witness, meaning the best way to achieve a not guilty verdict or to at least limit the severity of the penalty is with the expert defence of a specialist motoring lawyer.

If you have opted to contest a careless driving charge in court and need to protect your licence, at the very least you need to speak to one of our road traffic lawyers who will advise on your chances of a successful defence and represent you effectively when the time comes.

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