Dangerous Driving

Dangerous driving covers a wide range of motoring offences which put a driving licence at risk and can also result in very heavy penalties.

Offences include:

  • Causing injury to others
  • Aggressive driving (including racing)
  • Dangerous overtaking – and undertaking
  • Ignoring traffic signs
  • Reading at the wheel

A driver has the options pleading guilty to the dangerous driving charge or contesting the evidence of the charge in court. Either way, the penalties for a dangerous driving conviction are among the heaviest handed out for any motoring offences: a conviction will produce a minimum 12 month disqualification and loss of driving licence. Not forgetting the financial penalties and the potential hardships which go with that. You will also not be able to drive again until you have taken the extended driving test.

We can help to reduce the severity of the penalty awarded in the case of a guilty plea.

However, the chances of a successful defence will depend on the specific details of the charge and the ability of the driver to challenge what could be very complex areas of evidence, making expert and experienced defence essential if the driver is to achieve a not guilty verdict or to at least limit the severity of the penalty. It is not uncommon for a custodial sentence to be imposed in cases of dangerous driving.

We help you to keep your licence or lessen your penalty in the face of a dangerous driving charge? Take the first step now and speak to one of our road traffic lawyers who will advise on your chances of a successful defence and represent you effectively when the time comes.

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