Drink Driving

conviction for drink driving means you automatically lose your licence for a minimum of 12 months, but what about the other life-changing implications it will have? Like being saddled with a criminal record. Possible loss of job. Difficulty obtaining future insurance. Even difficulty in obtaining a visa to travel to certain countries, including the USA.

Drink driving is up there at the top of the motoring offences penalty list and loss of driving licence is the very minimum penalty to be expected if convicted, which is why defending a drink driving charge needs to be handled professionally by expert drink driving lawyers if there is to be any hope of achieving a not guilty verdict or a reduced penalty.

We do not judge anyone facing a drink driving charge! Nor do we make unrealistic claims about ‘getting clients off’. What we do is work with the facts of each individual case to expertly challenge the evidence presented and provide our clients with the best possible defence.

And the best possible chance of achieving their aims in court, whether a Not Guilty verdict with driving licence intact or a reduced impact on livelihood through a more lenient penalty.

Our expertise in defending drink driving charges includes expert advice and support for all categories of drink driving related charges, including:


Repeat Offender

Repeat drink driving offences see an increased minimum disqualification and loss of licence period of 3 years and the real possibility of a prison sentence. The professional expertise of a specialist drink driving lawyer is the only option for a successful defence outcome.


Borderline Cases

Borderline drink driving charges introduce the potential to contest the evidence from the test procedures; a complex area of defence where expert support is essential to achieve a successful outcome.


Tests Undertaken in Hospital

Drink driving charges resulting from borderline data from tests undertaken when the driver has been taken to hospital for treatment may also be open to challenge on the basis of equipment and procedures.


Drunk in Charge

Whilst it is often seen as a lesser offence, a charge of being drunk in charge of a motor vehicle can still incur up to 10 points and a possible driving ban. Contesting evidence can be complex but a successful defence is possible with the right level of support from our road traffic lawyers.


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