Driving Without Insurance

Can I keep my driving licence after being charged with having no insurance?

Offences of having no insurance cover are not as simple as just trying to get away without paying for motor insurance.

Although difficult to defend, lack of insurance can arise when using someone else’s car in the belief that their insurance covers you; or driving a vehicle in circumstances not covered by your insurance. Perhaps the vehicle is restricted on a trade policy? Or to a minimum driver age?

Driving without insurance typically attracts 6-8 penalty points.

It is the driver’s responsibility to make sure that they are insured before driving and because of the high number of points this charge attracts, if you already have penalty points on your licence you might be at risk of disqualification under the penalty points totting up procedure.

However, the courts might be willing to allow you to retain your licence provided you can show that it would lead to exceptional hardship. This could include the loss of your employment and the disastrous effect this would have on your livelihood and family.

So whilst a driver is responsible for ensuring appropriate insurance cover is in place, it is possible to challenge a no insurance charge in court and achieve a not guilty verdict or a reduction in the potentially heavy points and fine penalty. But the best chance of success will be a carefully prepared and presented defence by a qualified road traffic lawyer.

If you are facing prosecution for an offence of driving without insurance, you can get a realistic view of your chances of successfully defending your charge by speaking to one of our road traffic lawyers who will discuss the circumstances with you and advise on your options for a successful defence – and represent you effectively when the time comes.


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