Failing To Provide A Specimen

“I’m charged with failing to provide a specimen. Will I lose my licence?”

Quite simply, being found guilty of failing to provide a specimen could carry the same level of penalty as a drink diving conviction: disqualification from driving, loss of licence, criminal record and all of the potential lifestyle-affecting implications which are detailed under that section, provided that there is a likely hood that the motor vehicle will be driven.

A conviction for failing to provide a specimen really is that serious and contesting the evidence of the charge involves being able to demonstrate to the court a reasonable excuse for failing to provide a specimen or that the procedures for requesting and taking the sample were not correctly followed.

With so much at stake, taking professional advice and employing expert representation is the only way to ensure the best chances for a successful defence.

Whatever the circumstances of your being charged for failing to provide a specimen, you can speak to one of our road traffic lawyers who will advise on your position and how we can help you keep your driving licence.

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