Mobile Phone Offences

“I’ve been charged with using a mobile phone whilst driving. Is my driving licence at risk?”

Use of a mobile phone whilst driving includes the use of any communication device to communicate with a third party. Unless the device is used in a truly hands-free arrangement.

It should also be noted that such a charge can be extended to careless or dangerous driving depending on factors surrounding the situation at the time of the offence. So the usual fixed penalty of a fine and allocation of points will be the minimum to expect.

Is your licence at risk? That will be determined by the effect of the minimum 3 points you will receive under the totting-up procedure or whether there are indeed other factors.

Disputing a charge of using a mobile phone (or any mobile communication device) whilst driving will give you the chance of a not guilty verdict or a reduced penalty, but doing so can lead to a complex legal situation which will need a carefully managed defence.

The success of a court appearance will depend on the driver’s ability to contest these specific and complex areas of evidence, making expert and experienced defence essential if the driver is to achieve a not guilty verdict or to at least limit the severity of the penalty.

So if you are looking to contest a charge of using a mobile phone whilst driving and need to avoid losing your driving licence, then speak to one of our road traffic lawyers who will advise on your chances of a successful defence and represent you effectively when the time comes.

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