Tachograph Offences

A tachograph must be fitted to particular classes of vehicles, namely public service vehicles (vehicles which can carry over 12 persons and buses) and heavy goods vehicles over 7.5 tonnes. It is a device which monitors and records key aspects of the activities of the vehicle and driver including distance travelled, speed and driving time.

The device is best known for monitoring a driver’s time at the wheel and rest breaks – activities strictly governed by law.

A charge arising from tachograph offences can be brought against the individual driver and / or against the operator with significant penalties if a guilty verdict is reached. An individual for example can face maximum penalties of 2 years in prison or an unlimited fine; for an operator, the fine can be up to £50,000.

With charges ranging from driver’s hours offences to failure to fit a tachograph and fraud, defending a tachograph offence charge can be a complex matter and one which will require a high level of specialist support to have any chance of success.

Whether you are an operator or an individual driver facing a tachograph offence prosecution, our specialist road traffic lawyers will offer expert advice on your position and the best course of action to defend your case.


The Benefits
By searching for help, you are probably already aware that the benefits of keeping your driving licence can go much further than avoiding an enforced period of public transport use.

Losing your licence, whether a result of an automatic driving disqualification for drink driving or exceeding 12 points under the totting-up procedure, can seriously affect your livelihood and lifestyle for you and your family.

Implications can involve losing your job and the financial impact that will have for you and your family, obtaining a criminal record, difficulty in getting insurance in the future, even difficulty in getting a visa for travel to the USA.

The key benefit of keeping your licence is that you will avoid the devastating impacts of losing it, whether that means keeping your job, your independence, your repute – and not having to queue in the rain for the bus!

The benefits of using How To Keep My Licence to help you avoid losing your license centre on our expert team of specialist road traffic lawyers who’s knowledge, experience and successful track record will give you the best possible chance of staying on the road.

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